Linia super

Mesmerizing color puzzles

Game info

Linia is back and does it in style with revamped visuals and more than 100 levels packed with original and unpredictable puzzles.
In "Linia super" - the second edition of the game downloaded by millions worldwide - you will once again go hunting for color sequences, drawing a line to create the correct connection between the different shapes on the screen.
But this time, to make it even more engaging, you will also have to keep an eye on your ink supply while you draw lines and collect the "Liniacoins" that will help you through the exciting chapters of the game.
It's easy to get carried away by this mesmerizing dance of colors that pulse, spin, hide and twirl, going to great lengths to avoid being caught by your line.
It will take skill, a keen eye and a sense of rhythm to get the sequence right.

Main features

Original and non-linear gameplay - you decide the game path!
A different graphic style for each chapter
More than 100 unique and colorful levels and... levels released with future updates
"Go Super!" mode to play without interruption

General info

Developer: Blackrobot Games
Platforms: iOS, Android
Release date: December 10th 2021
Price: Free
Notes: Ads and In-App Purchases

About Blackrobot Games and Nexent

Blackrobot Games is an Indie Game Studio developing mobile casual games featuring high visual impact and engaging user experience.
It is part of Nexent S.r.l., a company focused on Product Design, Game Development and Creative Coding, founded by three software entrepreneurs based in Milan, Italy.

Linia super is designed and developed by
Blackrobot Games

Linia is a trademark of NEXENT S.R.L.
All rights reserved.